O Montanhes

About Us

“O Montanhês” is one of the oldest inns in Vila Real, located at 15 minutes (on foot) from its historical centre.
Stablished in 1974, “O Montanhês” seeks to deliver a rustic ambience deeply framed by the simplicity of flavors and tradition distinctively transmontanos to all its guests.
This concept was revitalized in 2014, renewing the roots of our initial motivation to pursue this project.
We provide accommodation and restaurant with take away services, as well as the leasing of premises for all kind of events.
We are near several historical and cultural points of interest within the city and its outskirts, such as Casa dos Marqueses (Marquis Manor), the Museu de Arqueologia e Numismática (Arqueological and Numismatic Museum of Vila Real) and Igreja de S. Domingo de Vila Real (St. Dominic’s Church of Vila Real) (all of which located at 15 minutes on foot). The famous Palácio de Mateus may be found just 5 km of our inn.
Surrounding our illustrious city, we may also find the Parque Natural do Alvão (Alvão Natural Park) as well as Serra do Marão, both listed in UNESCO World Heritage Site.